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JayD Mulder. JayDharma holds a Bachelor of Complimentary Medicine from Charles Sturt University, a Diploma of Herbalism and Nutrition from Queensland Institute of Natural Science, a Certificate IV of Ayurveda and an Ayurvedic Clinical Certificate from Dr Rajan Coopan of South Africa (Jay’s original Ayurvedic teacher). He has also completed a two year course in Sanskrit at Queensland University.

Jay regularly meets professors of Ayurveda in India to discuss the philosophical concepts of Ayurveda (padartha vijnana), as well as knowledge of dravya (substance) known as dravyagunavijnana. He also undergoes pancakarma twice each year in India. Jay has addressed a group at Mumbai Ayurvedic University bring invited by Professor Emeritus of Charaka Samhita Dr Jai Prakash Dahiya

Previously, Jay spent 12 years in an ashram. For the past ten years, Jay has taught the Ayurvedic Lifestyle course and now the Advanced Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine course at East Coast TAFE, and also the College of ACE BMS. Having retired from teaching into Ayurvedic practice Jayadharma now teaches interested students on a one to to basis.

In Search of the Science of Life is the beginning platform for persons desiring to understand the intricacies, complexities and the simplicities of ancient Ayurveda.

The Eumundi Medicine Man -

JayD is the author of:

  • Health is Inseparable from Life!
  • In Search of the Science of Life – VOL 1.
  • Under the Deep Blue Sky, The Vedic philosophy of friendship
  • The Essential and Luxury of Ayurvedic Cooking
  • Safe and Unsafe Carbohydrates
  • Womens Hormones and Ayurved


Eumundi Medicine Man

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