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Ayurvedic Herbalist Sunshine Coast, QLD.

The Ayurvedic Herb Shop is the knowledge and medicine warehouse of The Eumundi Medicine Man, Jay D Mulder, who has a reputation for revealing many hidden truths with in-depth simple philosophies during Ayurvedic consultation.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Padartha Vijnana – Knowledge of Substance

By understanding Ayurvedic wisdom an enlightened person, ‘TAKES WHAT THEY NEED AND NEED WHAT THEY TAKE’ – Knowledge is the greatest remedy’

The idea is the SHOP is not simply a place to obtain a product or substance but rather a place where substances (dravya or herbal items) are obtained for certain purposes which only knowledge of those substances and life can reveal. In other words the emphasis is not objective but subjective. The knowledge of herbal formulas is more valuable than the actual substance.

Ayurveda is a consciousness a way of perception, a way of thinking. Ayurveda is not a whimsical novel, or artificial intellectual adjustment or a mind trip. Rather Ayurveda is a practice of life. Ayurveda is the manual of life or the instruction book of how to best utilise all aspects of material existence in chorus with the supreme controller, or the most powerful intellectual force which commands the universe.



Ayruvada 5 Elements Ether - Ayurvedic Philosophy


Ayruvada 5 Elements Earth - Ayurvedic Philosophy


Ayruvada 5 Elements Fire - Ayurvedic Philosophy


Ayruvada 5 Elements Air - Ayurvedic Philosophy


Ayruvada 5 Elements Water - Ayurvedic Philosophy



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