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Eumundi Medicine Man offers skillfully trained Ayurvedic Practitioners to help you understand your current health situation. We offer a personalised online service to discover the finer secrets of health by teaching simple Ayurveda to the patient.

Our Sunshine Coast Ayurvedic Practitioners are Heidi & Jay.

Dr Anitha & Dr Rajesh are our specialised Ayurvedic Doctors operating from India.

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Adv. Dip. Ayur., Dip. Beauty Therapy, Cert IV Horticulture, Pranic Healing Basic, Advanced & Psychotherapy, Mother of two

Heidi was first introduced to Ayurveda at a very young age; naturally she has developed a deep understanding of this ancient profound health science. Heidi will help you discover your essential nature and carefully address the root causes of any imbalance.

Her passion for delicious, health giving food leads her to become the co-author of The Complete Ayurvedic Cookbook. Specialising in Women’s health and Hormonal balance, children’s health and correcting skin conditions, Heidi visits India regularly to deepen her Ayurvedic knowledge.

Heidi is the inspiration for our Ayurvedic cooking days when as many as sixty guests arrive to taste the sensation of prasadam or sanctified foods prepared not only of organic ingredients but with devotion to the Lord of the Universe.

Jayadharma Mulder

Jayadharma Mulder

B.Hlth.Sc., Dip.Herb

Jayadharma Mulder practices as an Ayurvedic Herbalist-Nutritionist giving paramount recognition to Ayurvedic concepts such as diet, lifestyle, philosophy and herbal formulas.

Ayurveda is the science of life which is an exciting journey for those wishing to understand health and avoid disease.

Ayurveda with tongue and eye diagnosis will answer your questions regarding, ‘why I am sick’ and thus give you the tools to usher in a recovery.

If one embraces new superior habits which are in tune with their metabolism, then there is no telling what results may be ushered in by such harmony of the elements.

Jay relishes the Bhagavad Gita the epic story of Yoga spoken by Sri Krishna himself to his friend and devotee Arjuna.

After enjoying an Ayurvedic feast Jay enjoys to talk with guests and touch on fine philosophical points distinguishing mind, body and soul.

Hare Krishna

Dr Anitha P Pillai

Dr Anitha P Pillai

Dr Anitha is the soul of Nagath Ayurveda,and the beloved doctor of many people from around the world. Dr Anitha hails from a family dealing with Ayurveda medicines for past 50 years. After graduating in chemistry, enrolled for BAMS in 2000 in Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda college in Kerala. She met Dr Rajesh there and got married in 2007.

Her expertise lies in treating life style diseases like obesity, burn out, hypertension, chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis, diabetes, rheumatic cases etc.

Apart from Ayurveda her interest lies in Cooking. She is co author of Ayurveda cook book Mahanasam-The Culinary Delights of Ayurveda,and the author of Soup stories.

She is a passionate listener of music, especially Indian Classical Music and she possesses all the good qualities for a ‘Bhishak.’(a practitioner of medicine).

Dr Rajesh G Nair

Dr Rajesh G Nair

Dr Rajesh G Nair hails from Nagath family practising Ayurveda traditionally for past four generations. He started learning Sanskrit when he was 9 years old. As a young boy he was helping his grand father in collecting various herbs from the village,as all the medicines where prepared fresh and distributed to the patients at that time.

After university  studies he completed BAMS (bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery) a five and half year course in 2006. Worked in various Government and private hospitals for around 10 years. Restablished Nagath Ayurveda which was existing since 1967 with wife and partner Dr Anitha in 2015 in his village.

The motive is too practice Ayurveda in unison with the nature and to avoid money becoming a barrier in providing Ayurveda services to people who really need them. Dr Rajesh is an avid reader and fitness enthusiast.


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