Ayurvedic Spring Clean

Spring is the best time for Ayurvedic Spring Clean.

All diseases begin in the GUT. This is also refered to your third brain.
This is your instrument for discernment — thus the saying “trust your gut feeling.” This is why the gut is being attacked.

You MUST keep the pipes clean! When the pipes are clogged, your body is not absorbing any nutrients — the parasites are siphoning them. Parasites manipulate the host by sending distorted signals to the brain. Detoxing this area is SUPER IMPORTANT right now — especially in the era of disinformation.

During the colder season, the fire of digestion makes food desirable and unavoidable. This leads to seasonal overload, heavy foods and large and regular amounts of unctuous foods are consumed. Just as a mountain collects snow in winter so the body accumulates mucus or ama, undigested particles over the Winter season.

Toxins, mucus or Ama then begins to flow as the Spring turns to Summer liquifying accumulations, just as snow on the mountains slowly melts as the warm weather approaches. Ama moving in the Spring, according to Ayurvedic science, may be the underlying cause of many bodily anomalies. Therefore, a seasonal regime is in order, to move ama and embrace the coming Spring and Summer with a clear light and happy feeling.

Signs of AMA in the digestive tract are changes in taste perception, loss of appetite, indigestion, malabsorption with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhoea sticky stools. Also AMA can cause blocked sinuses, nasal drip, skin rash, joint pain, mucous congesting throat and chest, lack of focus, headache and lethargy. Ama is also often responsible for bad breath, and strongly odorous urine, and stools.

According to Ayurveda, AMA when not removed from the channels of the body, re-circulates and becomes visaya or poison.

Ama needs a pathway to leave the body channels and not recirculate.

Easy Steps to take….

1. Move the bowels, ensure that there are FULL bowel movements which will make you more than proud.
Use Gandharva Oil which is very gentle, if the bowels are dry and slow.
Use Gandharvahastadhi Tea if the bowels are stubborn
Use Avipattikar Churna Powder for a complete purge

However if the bowels are fast and explosive the acidity and inflammation of the tummy and bowel needs to be decreased with Slippery Elm Tea before meals and Ayurvedic Digestive Tablets with meals.

2. Improve digestion.
Eat what is easy to digest, avoid cold drinks, excess raw, nuts and cold food. Drink warm mild (drops not ounces) Apple Cider vinegar with a little honey in warm water with meals. Sip between morsels.

Take Ashta Choorna Powder after meals.

3. Aid liver function and cleansing pathways.
Avoid artifacts (works of art which look delicious treats but are an epic to metabolise)  Keep wine no more than one glass after a meal.

Amruthotharam liquid Tea is a magic channel cleanser which has a very difficult bitter astringent taste due to a famous Ayurvedic herb called haritaki translated as “the remover of disease”.

The Natural NAC Tablets for the more prince and princess types but also a profound liver kidney tonic. Receive a FREE Bitter Cleanse Tea with the Natural NAC.

By moving seasonal accumulations we can keep up with the many changes and challenges which nature throws at us.

MOVE THAT AMA (Accumulated Toxins)
By getting the bowels to completely move freely with in a balanced healthly way Improving digestion and helping the liver to perform over 500 complex metabolic actions!

Clearing the Sinuses with Anu Thailam
A little ditty about Sinus Oil, Anu Thailam, in 1999, I purchased 120 bottles of Anu Thailam Sinus oil from India. Because nasal oil is part of the ancient cleansing program called panchakarma, I was very excited.

All 120 bottles arrived and every bottle leaked. Nor could I convince almost anybody of the incredible benefits of oiling the nasal passage. So we gave the 120 away as gifts to our Ayurvedic people and now, after that rebounded by word of mouth, more than 1000 bottles per year are used by yoga teachers, naturopaths and enthusiasts.