Woman’s Hormones

Women’s Hormones Today in Light of Ayurveda 


Modern life has made it necessary to look at hormonal disruption in females, but also males are now being widely affected. Endocrine dysfunction is at an endemic level in both Western and Eastern countries women and men. So much so that cases of underlying endocrine aggravation in females are the majority of clinical consultations for many health professionals. Females are especially prone from fourteen years of age with severe cycle disturbance, facial acne and mood problems as well as cervical dysplasia. Males are more likely to suffer from prostate by the age of sixty however there are more cases emerging of younger men.

History of Hormonal Pathologies
History of certain pathologies is a very under-mentioned science which needs promotion. Because if we look at historical figures, we shall conclude that at the same time of industrialization or ‘chemicalisation’ of society these dysfunctions have grown over one hundred-fold. As industry has deposited chemicals in our medicine and food these disorders have grown proportionately high. Naturally prostate anomalies at the turn of the 1900’s did not affect 80% of the male population. Also, PMT, PCOS, endometriosis, uterine polyps, infertility and breast and reproductive system cancers were rare cases rather than one on every street. In essence history reflects an inference that society is doing something inappropriate to cause such endemic hormonal problems.

Ayurveda and Hormonal Disruption
Because Ayurveda doesn’t formally touch on the subject of ‘hormones’ in this chapter we superimpose ‘The Science of Life’ over the subject of ‘disruption by chemical messages’ (hormones).

The Likely Cause
We can ask the question: has nature made an error in the design of things or has human’s over-intelligence back-fired? Has the creation of many chemicals developed this constant pinprick to humanity? Even though many chemicals may not be hormones in a true absolute sense we need to ask how our bodies receive such substances. How do your cells react to these potent molecules synthetized by science? David Suzuki has revealed that certain types of plastic and chemicals are ‘hormone imposters’ because they are received by the body as chemical messengers. See ‘The Nature of Things’, ‘Hormone Imposters’.
On another front the hormones HRT and “the Pill” which millions of women have blindly accepted for half a century are not at all advantageous to the influx of hormone imposters. So, in a sense you have a double whammy, on one side chemical hormone imposters and on another side, hormonal medicine. One may inquire where environmentally does that hormone laden urine breakdown. How much of these hormones are being re-circulated in the environment? Where are the metabolised or un metabolised hormones building up, what are the long-term health ramifications of this splattering of synthetic hormones silently into the bodily tissue and environment? Even though we know that urine contains hormones, the industry has not checked nor studied whether HRT and the Pill are causing any type of environmental pollution.

Fate of Synthetic Hormones?
It is not as if anybody urinated on your kitchen table but is that where these estrogens end up?
The Pharma industry has flooded the world with these powerful chemicals with no thought of environmental ramifications or reactions. There has been no studies, nor due diligence in this regard.

Suffering from Hormonal Imbalances
Chemical (hormonal) imbalance is not going to kill anyone, but it can disturb body weight, produce cancer, disturb the emotions and plague the female cycle with anomalies. Estrogen being a growth factor, is a cancer supporting hormone.[1]
Under the circumstances, the media released the statement last week that all cancers will now affect 65% of Australians. Also, cancer has become the number one disease increasing to put heart disease out of the number one spot.
On one side you have synthetic hormones, on the other many chemicals, that act as hormones being ‘released’ into the environment on a daily basis. Day after day, month after month and year after year hormones and hormone imposters accumulate, while the depository behavior nor the long-term effects of accumulation in nature and the body are unknown.

Estrogen Dominant Diseases 
The truth of the matter is, both xenoestrogens (human made environmental estrogens) and medical estrogens are a harsh reality in the 21st century causing unlimited suffering. Now medical and health professionals describe a number of diseases and cancers as ‘estrogen dominant’.[2]

Looking at ‘The Estrogen Factor’
Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate many essential processes in the body. Any imbalance of estrogen or progesterone or any hormone for that matter will cause disruptions to homeostasis. However, estrogen dominance appears to be the most influenced hormone scenario by the modern matrix of chemical insult. We should remember that the body is a whole machine, so if estrogen is aggravated then other hormones will be displaced ie: progesterone and testosterone levels will be affected.
Modern life presents an abundance of xeno-estrogens which are chemicals acquired from the environment that mimic the actions of estrogen in much greater force than endogenous estrogen. In other words, xeno-estrogen are amplified estrogens, with increased powerful actions. It has been suggested the magnified power of zeno estrogen may be thousands of times that of endogenous (body) estrogens. The zeno estrogens being so intense, damage the receptor cells over time causing severe estrogen deficiency in some women in older age. On the other side the problem lies in the blood estrogens being very high, yet the body is behaving in an estrogen deficiency fashion due to estrogen receptor insensitivity.
This estrogen dominance (high blood estrogens) causes a range of health problems in the majority of women and men today with eighty percent of men over sixty years expected to have prostate irregularities. Prostate disease is primarily considered an estrogen receptor problem, disturbing the testosterone. It is also well known that these hormones are growth factors thus precipitating cancer. The fact that 80% of men at a certain age have prostate problems would be unacceptable by a society, which possessed a functioning intelligence.

A Royal Commissions Chaired by Females.
It is well known that estrogen is a growth factor and now many diagnoses by an oncologist come with a tag ‘estrogen’ dependent, or estrogen progesterone dependent cancer.
Women are subjected to a multitude of ailments from breast cancer, dysfunctional cycles, PMS, mood swings, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic pain, cystic breasts, menopause, cervical dysplasia, hormonal based headaches, infertility, thyroid and adrenal exhaustion, herpes, UTI and interstitial cystitis.
My personal experience in clinical practice in Australia is that endocrine disruption is ubiquitous with modern life especially in females and now also older males.
This unfortunate situation precipitated by industrial and political ignorance requires several royal commissions chaired by females or those who respect the species.

Possible Scenario of Future Regret
In future years, ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred, experts will look back at these days of endocrine disruption and suffering and criticize their own science as being ignorant of nature and being dangerous with many iatrogenic outcomes, undesirable side effects. ‘Unfortunately, we did not know at the time’, will be the general way science stumbles along. There will be no responsibility or compensation because there will be too much time after the fact.

Caught in a Web of Destiny
This situation could be compared to an insect caught in an elaborate spider web.
Web fibers that bind us:
1.     Commercial greed – Introducing disruptive substances into the environment and the human body is a social experiment which is not proven safe in the long-term use, or environmental impact cleared of danger. If this is evidence-based medicine, I would like to see and hear the evidence on long term studies. Industry has simply hoodwinked via the government the poor people into an unknown journey of hormone pollution.

2.     Mis-directed intelligence namely science – Hormone and hormone impostors should be avoided by an ethical science. If any intelligence or feelings of care were present in industry and government this hormone pollution would not have occurred. The evidence for this great hormonal folly is in this article.

3.     As well as misapplication of that science – The chemicals are applied where they should not be applied. The pill is given for pimples, period pain and irregular cycles, all these are a misapplication of this chemical. Most school girls are on the pill from the first cycle.

4.     Short sightedness not seeing the whole picture, understanding how life is interdependent and not independent – Not understanding nature’s inter-connectedness or the domino effect. Endocrine dysfunction is racing through the world, to have a healthy child now is rare, for a woman to not have some hormonal problem in her life is normal for West and East.

5.     Misplaced faith, putting faith in our intelligence and science instead of nature – To think science can improve on nature is a conceited arrogance, which carries a high price. To conger up the idea that a synthetic chemical can bring the endocrine system back into balance is insanity first class.

6.     We need to understand that creating a disease is not good intelligence. Throwing the signaling system of the body into confusion and creating so many problems is not too bright of an idea especially in the name of medicine. Women and men of one hundred years ago did not need to undergo the pain of these hormonal diseases. Menopause was unknown, disease of hormonal origin was barely visible.

How to decrease zeno estrogens;
1.     Eat fresh wholesome organic foods
2.     Avoid chemicals
3.     Avoid Stress
4.     Pacify the liver (Liver is called live-r for a reason)
5.  Take ELC to rid the body of synthetic estrogens which circulate within the liver causing hormonal imbalances

Where are Xeno-estrogens found?

  • Paraben or phenoxyethanol which are preservatives used in the beauty industry. These are found in the majority of shampoos, skin care,     skin lotions, sunscreens, cosmetics, fragrances, deodorants and shampoos.
  • Pesticides and herbicides used to grow conventional vegetables.
  • Commercially grown meat and animal products often contain hormones which are used
to accelerate growth.
  • Plastic in most drink bottles, food containers (including tinned) and cling wrap when subjected 
to heat or sunshine.
  • The pill and HRT (synthetic 
hormones.) So called Bio identical hormones

Caffeine increases estradiol levels; moderate use is recommended.

Estrogenic Chemicals

  • 4-Methylbenzylidene camphor (4-MBC) (sunscreen lotions)
  • butylated hydroxyanisole / BHA (food preservative)
  • atrazine (weedkiller)
  • bisphenol A (monomer for polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resin; antioxidant in plasticizers)
  • dieldrin (insecticide)
  • DDT (insecticide)
  • endosulfan (insecticide)
  • erythrosine / FD&C Red No. 3
  • heptachlor (insecticide)
  • lindane / hexachlorocyclohexane (insecticide)
  • methoxychlor (insecticide)
  • nonylphenol and derivatives (industrial surfactants; emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization (ice cream many foods); laboratory detergents; pesticides)
  • polychlorinated biphenyls / PCBs (in electrical oils, lubricants, adhesives, paints)
  • parabens (lotions)
  • phenosulfothiazine (a red dye)
  • phthalates (plasticizers)
  • DEHP (plasticizer for PVC)

Endogenous – Hormones from inside
Stress plays an important role in estrogen metabolism because estrogen is also produced via the influence of the adrenal glands, which are attuned to our subjective stress levels. Therefore, stress itself can be a major underlying cause of hormonal disturbance. Ayurveda looks at stress in a holistic sense looking at diet, lifestyle and herbal tonics to aid the imbalanced elements. Because it is the elements that are causing the underlying aggravation. We must remember that stress alone can aggravate estrogens levels in early age and depress levels in later age due to adrenal exhaustion.
Ovaries also produce estrogen and respond to stress and high blood sugars. PCOS is directly related to insulin resistance or high blood insulin due to receptor insensitivity.
Excess weight and high blood sugars can affect the amount of estrogen produced and stored by the body. The result is often high estrogen levels, which set the scene for endocrine imbalance. By all means stress, weight and sugar require regulation for a healthy existence.

Gut and Bowel Bacteria to Regulate Estrogen
A modern diet devoid of sufficient good bacteria does not foster optimal bowel health. This bacterium is absent because of poor diet, processed foods and unwholesome foods. A good bacterial environment in the bowel is very important for clearing excess estrogen from the body. Because 50% of estrogens are excreted via the bowel and 50% via the liver. If this is compromised, the body re-circulates estrogens back into the system rather than excreting them. 
A buildup of estrogen taxes the liver, and causes a myriad of difficulties. Therefore, a spoon of organic yoghurt with no added milk solids with pippali or salt and pepper are excellent with meals as a general observation to foster a favourable bowel environment. Overindulging in heavy yoghurts bolstered with milk powder will be blocking and thus counterproductive. Also, it is evident in clinical medicine that the general bowel health of the Western population is poor, plagued with IBS, Colitis and Crohns. The range of bowel disease tells us the bacteria is not in balance. Very important are wholegrains, real grains, which are known as a prebiotic. Prebiotics give probiotics a working environment. Persons who are fortunate have a flour mill in the kitchen for fresh, living grains and flours.

Too Much Estrogen Can Affect Your Weight and Health
A female should have an estradiol + estrone: progesterone ratio between 10:1 and 14:1; however, in a clinical situation the reading can be as high as 635:1. Estrogen seems to accumulate in the body, from excess internal and external sources. Excess Estrogen can cause restlessness and anxious emotional moods obstructing progesterone which is considered the anti-depressive hormone.

Hormone Saliva Test
A hormone saliva test is an excellent lab test to ascertain the hormonal patterns and aid in putting in place preventative plans. Many foods and herbal substances (superfoods) can be used to correct any hormonal imbalance.

Results of High Estrogen
Estrogen may increase the risk of high blood pressure, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, depression, PMS, and breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer. It also plays a role in fibrocystic breast changes. Also—muscle aches, PMS, dense breasts, and occasional emotional episodes are common, symptoms range from mood swings to painful cycles, ovulation pain to infertility, no menstrual cycle to many cycles and cystic breasts to breast cancer. Endometriosis, ovarian cysts, cervical dysplasia can also result from estrogen dominance. As well as unregulated prostate growth in men. Although the scientific literature, saliva testing and epidemiology studies support these findings, it seems quite fascinating that society seems unaware of the Estrogen Factor.

Estrogen as Carcinogenic in Excess
To expand further, the International Hormone Conference 2006 saw Eldred Taylor MD Ob/Gyn point out that estrogen in a sense can be considered a carcinogenic substance and a growth factor. This is not difficult to understand after observing how estrogen behaves in the body to encourage growth.

HRT Increases Cancer
When the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) 2000 review revealed the dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), 60% of Australian women stopped taking HRT. A retrospective study found that breast cancer dropped, bucking the general upwards trend. In actuality in Australia there was a fall of 600 breast cancers in the 2-year period after this 60% decline in HRT prescriptions.
Drop in HRT and Breast Cancers
THE FACT: A decrease of 600 less breast cancers in a period of two years, in Australia came after a decrease in HRT use.

What Happens When 4.3 Million American Ladies Stopped CHT – HRT-in 2002
In a Decade the estimations of the effects of NOT taking HRT are;
1.     126,000 fewer breast cancer cases,
2.     76,000 fewer cases of cardiovascular disease (including coronary heart disease and stroke)
3.     80,000 fewer cases of venous thromboembolism (deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism)
4.     $37.1 billion saved
5.     145,000 additional “quality-adjusted life years”

“The economic return from the trial is substantial,” lead author Dr. Joshua Roth announced Friday during a presentation at the annual WHI investigator conference. “The original NIH trial cost was $260 million (in 2012 dollars) and the net economic return was $37.1 billion.
And even more critically, the 2002 WHI study sparked a sea change with regard to women’s health. The analysis projected that approximately 4.3 million fewer women used CHT which resulted in 126,000 fewer breast cancer cases, 76,000 fewer cases of cardiovascular disease (including coronary heart disease and stroke) and 80,000 fewer cases of venous thromboembolism (deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism) in the decade following the trial.
But there were downsides to the drop in CHT/HRT use, too:  the authors projected 263,000 more women suffered osteoporotic fractures and 15,000 more were diagnosed with colorectal cancer. However, the quality of life, mortality and cost impacts of these increases were more than offset by decreases in breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and VTE, Roth said.
All in all, these clinical effects translated into 145,000 additional “quality-adjusted life years” or QALYs, which Roth said is a health economic evaluation that measures “how long you live and how well you live.”[4]

Men’s Health Being Afflicted
Excess estrogen is also a problem for men. Xeno-estrogens affect the testosterone balance causing problems such as prostate pathologies, erectile dysfunction, infertility and Gynecomastia (man boobs). Male breast cancer is rising at an alarming rate. Deaths from or with prostate cancer is the norm.

Five Factors When Balancing Hormones are:
(Basic Understanding from Roth Study – The pill and HRT or HT or CHT or MHT are not required for hormone balance besides increasing the risk of cancer the potent hormones may alter receptor sensitivity causing hormone disruption in later life)
1.     Blood sugars and wholesome diet
2.     Stress and the adrenals
3.     Digestion and nutrition, gut flora
4.     Chemical pollution and xeno-estrogens exposure
5.     Liver function, the level of detoxification

Blood sugars and diet
To gain a logical and broad concept of carbohydrates, read the booklet; Safe and Unsafe Carbohydrates is freely available at www.eumundimedicineman.com

Eat fresh whole grains, which naturally balance blood sugars and foster bowel health because of full fibre, fresh oils, antioxidants and protein. All modern grain foods including so-called heavy breads like multi-grain are part and reduced fibre, increased starch, rancid oils, denatured protein and reduced anti-oxidants. This loss is due to the industrialization of the food chain.
The best way is to get a flour mill and mill your own fresh flour for chapatis and breads. When blood sugars are balanced with safe carbohydrates you have sustained energy all day. High blood sugars are related to a myriad of disorders, stressing the pancreas, liver and adrenals. Safe carbohydrates are the simple remedy, for chronic high blood sugars;
Guloochyadi Tea -Tinosporia cordifolia is given to decrease blood sugars, increase insulin sensitivity, aid the liver, and decrease the acid load on the kidneys.
CA Spice is simply high potency turmeric, and Bitter Melon. This powerful antioxidant and blood sugar regulator can be taken with meals twice a day.
Please note a Safe Carbohydrate regime is required to balance blood sugars, give sustained energy and protect from any diabetes. If one takes the above medicines with safe carbohydrates the substances multiply in potency manyfold. If one takes the medicines without a safe carbohydrate food plan, then the individual has not understood holistic medicine and greatly limits the medicines.

2. Stress and the adrenals
Stress can turn our world upside down and roll it in the dust. Stress, although an unmanifested substance, that is difficult to quantify has such far reaching effects. How stress influences organs and health is nothing short of astonishing. Controlling stress is easy to say but harder to achieve, the best remedy is philosophy and selfishness. The Western world tends towards a false sacrifice, on the altar of work, family and friends but in the end one is left with loneliness which breeds bitterness. Therefore selfishness, or rather self-preservation is not condemned here because even though you do great selfless work, you still require a self to give. Most people neglect bodily and mental needs for work and family, while digestion is not considered. The body is punished day after day and flogged when not co-operative, Ayurveda is about tuning in and recognizing the needs of the body and mind.
For philosophy consider the classic, Bhagavad Gita As It Is or say, Seneca On the Shortness of Life or a myriad of self-help books. Nurture yourself with regular wholesome meals and digestive drinks. Ayurveda has a list of daily routines, which are nurturing and strengthening like self-massage with warm Black Sesame Oil. Read the Dinacharya chapter on daily routine.
Arctic Rose can be used when needed for strength and adrenal support. Avoid blasting the adrenals out of the picture with more than one cup of coffee per day. If you do like coffee, chew cardamom pods which regulate caffeine metabolism. Do not have sugar with your drinks chew or nibble a plump fresh date for energy and vitality.

Asvagandharishtam is a fine adrenal tonic when adrenal regulation and a lift is needed, and licorice tea doubles the half-life of adrenal hormone cortisol. The most amazing thing according to Dr Jaiprakash Dahiya in his booklet, ‘Potentials in Ayurveda’, Tulasi or Holy Basil is the top antioxidant found by science, so a little Tulasi leaf can be used with the licorice for an all-round profound tonic.

Sumana Brahmi can also be used for stress management and to aid sleep and calmness.
Again, any medicine regime must have a pathya, a food regime of wholesome, delicious, fresh and digestible delights at the correct time, eaten in the correct fashion to support lifestyle and herbs. Remember to meet the needs of stress the body may produce extra testosterone; this causes females to become rough and lose their gentle nature. Facial hair, husky voice and lack of compassion can be seen when high testosterone is present. Trouble is when the body has excess testosterone it is converted into, yes, you guessed it, estrogen. So now we have modern females developing facial hair and husky voices, completely stressed, lacking a gentle nature, and having anxiety attacks.

3. Digestion and Nutrition
If four billion cells of our body are stressed and in starvation mode, it is unlikely we will feel peaceful and content. We may be taking all good supplements but are we digesting them? Digestion is the key in Ayurveda because that is the process of how our tissues are nourished and the bodily channels are kept clear.
Two Important Goals
1.     Improve Digestion
2.     Evacuate before Breakfast

Good digestion and evacuating every morning before breakfast shows the body is in proper working order. Triphala and Gandhavastadhi Tea are excellent to keep the bowels moving naturally.
Simple kitchen herbs will light the digestive fire and help you digest your meals. Asthachurna is a combination of 8 spices which help the body clear indigestion and flatulence. Surprisingly not spicy hot, being tridoshic , this spice preparation will aid digestion when mixed with a tablespoon of yogurt and added to meals. Can also be added to hot water and sipped like a tea around mealtimes.
Take daily Yoghurt for good bacteria!
 Eat a small spoon of natural yogurt with all savory meals. This aids good bacteria in the gut and bowel. We recommend a good quality yoghurt which doesn’t contain added milk solids. These milk solids are added as a filler to the majority of yoghurts on the market and make them very heavy on digestion. Expensive probiotics are not generally required, a dollop of yogurt will do the same job if not better. Please note large amounts of yoghurt block the channels and disturb digestive fire.

Try a simple yet profound concept, drink warm or hot water. This cleanses the channels, is in harmony with the stomach and inspires efficient digestion. Also read about Agni, ‘The Power of Digestion’ chapter.
Raw food is only good if your fire of digestion can metabolise the food fully. Digestion, particle size and dressings are prime considerations when taking raw foods. Cook to digest and eat according to your digestive capacity.
Take lohasavam after meals if iron is low as well as digestion slow.
Sip apple cider vinegar in hot water during meals as a digestive.
For digestion take pippali after meals.

4. Chemical pollution and xeno-estrogens
We live in a time of extensive pollution, there is no escape. But the bottom line is, these pollutants which are all pervasive are hormone imposters. (David Suzuki first coined this term). They are taken by the body to be estrogen, actually a powerful estrogen hundreds of times stronger than endogenous estrogen. These hormone imposters are born from chemicals. The Best idea is to avoid exposure as much as possible and use herbal preparations to aid the body.
Tinosporia cordifolia is an antidote for poisoning and a grand liver, kidney and immune tonic which will aid the body to cope with these modern polluted times.
Shatavari occupies estrogen receptors and behaves as a very mild estrogen thus blocking the powerful imposter estrogens.
Vitex agnus castus – Chaste tree The following article from Pubmed supports Vitex (AC)
Phytomedicine. 2003 May;10(4):348-57. Pharmacology and clinical indications.
Wuttke W, Jarry H, Christoffel V, Spengler B, Seidlová-Wuttke D.
Source Department of Clinical and Experimental Endocrinology, University of Göttingen, Germany. ufkendo@med.uni-goettingen.de
Extracts of the fruits of chaste tree (Vitex agnus castus = AC) are widely used to treat premenstrual symptoms. Double-blind placebo-controlled studies indicate that one of the most common premenstrual symptoms, i.e. premenstrual mastodynia (mastalgia) is beneficially influenced by an AC extract. In addition, numerous less rigidly controlled studies indicate that AC extracts have also beneficial effects on other psychic and somatic symptoms of the PMS. Premenstrual mastodynia is most likely due to a latent hyperprolactinemia, i.e. patients release more than physiologic amounts of prolactin in response to stressful situations and during deep sleep phases which appear to stimulate the mammary gland. Premenstrually this unphysiological prolactin release is so high that the serum prolactin levels often approach heights which are misinterpreted as prolactinomas. Since AC extracts were shown to have beneficial effects on premenstrual mastodynia serum prolactin levels in such patients were also studied in one double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study. Serum prolactin levels were indeed reduced in the patients treated with the extract. The search for the prolactin-suppressive principle(s) yielded a number of compounds with dopaminergic properties: they bound to recombinant DA2-receptor protein and suppressed prolactin release from cultivated lactotrophs as well as in animal experiments. The search for the chemical identity of the dopaminergic compounds resulted in isolation of a number of diterpenes of which some clerodadienols were most important for the prolactin-suppressive effects. They were almost identical in their prolactin-suppressive properties than dopamine itself. Hence, it is concluded that dopaminergic compounds present in Vitex agnus castus are clinically the important compounds which improve premenstrual mastodynia and possibly also other symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome.
PMID: 12809367 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

PCT SPICE – is our best-selling hormone balancing remedy. High in the herb Vitex agnus castus (Chaste Tree). This synergy of supportive hormone balancing herbs easily becomes a woman’s best friend by combating the symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome, perimenopause, and menopause.

5.   Liver function
In this age some kind of liver tonic must be there.  The liver plays a major role, so balance those blood sugars, regulate stress, have a wholesome nutritious diet, evacuate before breakfast, drink warm or hot water, avoid chemicals and plastic, take the shelter of herbal energetics and above all tend to upkeep your liver. ‘The Nature of Things, Hormone Impostors’ by David Suzuki documentary simply shows the level of hormone pollution in our world and that not even a lizard hiding under a rock nor a fish or alligator are exempt from hormonal imbalance and endocrine dysfunction.

Summary of Women’s Hormones and Ayurveda
Because of the widespread hormonal pollution of the environment certain herbs are required to be taken daily in order to aid digestion, improve liver function, improve detoxification pathways and to regain hormonal balance. In general, this is to aid the body through an environmental chemical insult, which taxes the liver and the endocrine system. Naturally the greater the insult to the body the more regular we need antioxidants, phytonutrients and nature’s special chemicals as a daily regime for protection. These items needed for specific qualities may have been part of the village diet but are no longer part of modern habits.

The subject of hormones and hormone disruption in modern society is certainly great. What has evolved in the last hundred years as far as ‘modern hormonal diseases’ is bewildering. Science outside of nature has severe repercussions as is evident. If science is to become truly scientific then a partnership with nature requires to be bonded. The problem lies in basic consciousness and until that impurity is realised and rectified whether science is a curse, or a blessing will remain debatable.

Ayurveda is a blessed science in tune and step with every twist and turn of nature, those who take advantage of ‘the science of life’ will therefore be blessed by nature herself. We live and breathe every day of our lives by the support and sanction of nature, not science.

[1] International Hormone Conference 2006 Lecture by Eldred Taylor MD Ob/Gyn
[2] Avia Romm, Dr Sherril Sellman
[3] International Hormone Conference 2006 Lecture by Eldred Taylor MD Ob/Gyn
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